The designer behind Wiwolo Jewelry Studio, Bettina Prejsler

Welcome to the world of Wiwolo Jewelry Studio

Every jewelry is handcrafted and produced in Denmark on the Island Bornholm, there is situated in the Baltic Sea. With a magnificent nature.  This nature gives inspiration to the designer and owner behind Wiwolo Jewelry Studio, Bettina Prejsler.

The concrete is composed with sand from the southern tip of Bornholm. The sand is so fine that it is used in time glasses. The concrete is also mixt with fine Granit powder, there is quarried on the Island, is added and gives the jewelry there beautiful shine.

Through the whole process there is a high focus on quality. The Jewelrys unique combination of materials, concrete combined with precious metals, gives Wiwolo Jewelry Studio their own special feeling. The design with its strict graphic form gives them a sense of Nordic style.


The name wiwolo is based on the designer’s need to express herself.

Dare to make a company and go for a dream.

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